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14th Annual Cameron's Feast Worldwide

16th of April, 2023

Happy YourDay, Cameron!

It's been 28 years since you came into our lives, and while it feels like an eternity (and also like a moment), thoughts and memories of you still bring us so much joy and inspiration.

Every year on your birthday, we take a moment to remember the 13 years you spent with us and the countless ways you touched our hearts. Your spirit continues to shine bright and your legacy lives on through the love and support of your family and friends all over the world.

To honor your memory this year, we invite everyone everywhere to light a candle and prepare their favorite foods in remembrance of you. Let's take a moment to reflect on the qualities that made you so special to us, and what you still represent to all who are aware of you: your perpetual youth, infectious joy, and unbridled freedom!

Loves, in addition, we ask that you consider making a memorial donation in Cameron's name to www.LostTravelers.Club. Charitable support and service were very close to Cameron's heart. Our organization (co-founded in 2007 by myself and Cameron as The Brain Candy Project) provides support and resources for families facing critical and terminal illnesses, a cause that was especially important to Cameron.

Your donation, regardless of the amount, will make a difference in the lives of those supported by these organizations, just as Cameron did during his time with us, and as his spirit does to this day.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating Cameron's life and for keeping his memory alive in your hearts.

Love, Henry-Cameron Allen Papa

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