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Diving Inward During the Holiday Season

For Lost Travelers, this time of year can feel, more than usual, as if the world is topsy-turvy. Expectations from ourselves, our families, friends and coworkers and the world-at-large become magnified. Putting on the "happy holidays mask," it’s so easy to get lost to ourselves. We feel our spirits diminished, and wonder how we can get through another year.

In this time of lessened light when it’s inky black outside, it's also the perfect time to let our eyes grow wide and full of stars... to reclaim wonder. There is a universe more vast than our own circle of awareness, beyond loss, or worry, or planning, or thought, or contemplation, or shoulds, or roles, or expectations... even beyond time.

We have an opportunity to get quiet during this season, and to boldly, lovingly allow our post-childloss selves to fully come forward. Root ourselves deeper into the real. Trust and let go of all that we have known so that what wants to be known, through us, can be revealed. Others will adapt because they must. Though they are unable to fully empathize, our loved ones will understand that we are on a journey and will be there, as best they can, to support us.

Think of this as a sacred pause... the liminal space, or threshold, between darkness and light. An in-between place to get quiet, take stock, dream, and allow the seeds for the next year to be planted.

We sometimes feel so depleted by our loss - physically, emotionally, spiritually - that we forget our own power, and get caught up in chaos... our own or the world's. We often get stuck in the intense feelings of aloneness and separation. That’s the perfect time to go within and find the place that never was, or never could be, separate from ourselves as individuals, and also as Lost Travelers. To let the dream that is wanting to be born... dream us back into the world.

We can tap into the spirit of the season by listening to that small, still voice within. This time of year is the darkest in the Northern Hemisphere, but it is also one of the most luminous, when our inner light is brightest. This place is where we find not only ourselves, but where we also find our precious children. This is a time of dreaming, of hibernation, of listening, and of striving to understand how we may plant new seeds in ourselves for the coming year.

Create a small window of time to go within and listen. You'll know when you are ready. Light a beeswax candle, engage your your own curiosity and wonder, stay open, and keep a notebook or journal close by to jot down what comes. Keep the notebook by your bed as well, as you may find dreams to become especially vivid and meaningful these next couple months. May this become your Lost Travelers Road Map for the coming year.

No matter what your religious or spiritual path, you can participate in this practice of deep listening, reconnecting, and setting the tone for your new year.

Join me this holiday season in taking an inward journey to reconnect with our beloved children, as well as our individual rhythm and nature. Together, let's create a gateway to the evolution of ourselves beyond childloss. By slowing down, paying attention and listening with an open heart, we can hear the wise counsel of our calling, and the loving guidance from our “unseen team.” They're there, eager for the adventures that await us.

Let the inspiration come to you from the best of your own being, and from the best of the world you know so far. Together, The Lost Travelers Club will create new meaning for all of us in the years ahead.

In Service,

Henry-Cameron Allen

Executive Director

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