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"Eclipse" in honor of Bereaved Mother's Day - 7th of May, 2003


By Henry-Cameron Allen

A meditation for all grieving parents.

The Mourning is the Moon.


A state in phases,


Not an act of be-ing.




Ebbing and flowing.



Out of our control.

It can only exist in the darkest part of ourSelves.

The Mourning is the process of making sense of new death.

To mourn can take many different forms,

Deeply inward, New Moon, to

Expressively outward, Full Moon.


And when the Dark Night of the Soul moves through all its phases

In our own divine time,

The Mourning gives way to

The Grief.

The Grief, in turn, is the Sun

That eclipses the Moon.

Always there,

Always full,

Expressing itself in many ways.


Warrming to scalding,



Or not.

We can live and work by it.

It brings lightness and illumination.

Our natural cycle.

We all live under The Grief.

The Mourning and The Grieving are different but interconnected,

Two parts of the same journey we must travel forever.

All of us.

So we are never alone on the path.

There is safety in numbers.

Especially when the moon is new.

Both Moon and Sun require understanding and patience

TO know how to live under their powerful influences.

We must be allowed to process and feel the ebb and flow,

The effect of the Moon of Mourning,

As we must learn to protect ourselves from sunburn,

The effect of the Sun of Grieving.

Child loss is a journey that can lead us to a new understanding

Of ourselves, one another, of the death journey,

And what it means to love and be loved.

May we honor the Moons and the Suns of our grieving journeys.

May we find comfort in the ebb and flow of The Mourning,

And may we embrace the warmth and radiance of The Grief.

May we continue to support and uplift each other,

And may we always remember and cherish our lost loved ones.

So let it be, and so it is.

Getting there together...

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