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September: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and our 13:13 Campaign

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month... but really, it is year-round for me and so many others. This month is an especially poignant milestone, as Cameron released his spirit on the 14th of September, 2008 at 3:00am.

13 years here, 13 years there. 13:13.

Go GOLD with Cameron & me this month, and make a memorial donation to

The Lost Travelers Club or your charity of choice. We are launching our 13:13 Campaign in Cameron's honor, with the goal of raising $13K by the 13th of this month to supply critically ill youth with a "Candy Box" of art supplies (valued at $200US), as well as continuing to support parents who have outlived their children. Funds will also go toward the creation of Brain Candy Magazine, an art and literature periodical by and for youth living with critical health challenges, which was Cameron's dream. More info at

We are currently seeking volunteer coordinators for outreach, awareness and fundraising.

Talk it up!

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