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The Lost Traveler Podcast Now Benefits The Lost Travelers Club & Our Programs!

As of this blog post and forward, all proceeds from sponsorship and individual support of The Lost Traveler Podcast will directly benefit The Lost Travelers Club and all its programs!

The Lost Traveler Podcast lives on all your favorite podcasting platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts, etc), and is focused on universal life skills. We currently have more than 1,100 listeners in 25 countries (and counting!)

Sponsorship: To sponsor an art supplies "Candy Box" or contribute toward the development of "Brain Candy!," our arts and literary magazine via our Brain Candy Project Wing, simply donate a minimum $200 (the cost of one Candy Box) or more via our LTC donation portal, with a note mentioning SPONSORSHIP. This tax-deductible donation can be made in one gesture or broken into monthly cc payments. As a gesture of gratitude, we will include a ~30 second ad in the body of all future podcasts for your business or charity of choice, and a button link on our webpage!

Individual support: a donation via LTC's portal in any amount, with a note stating "Podcast Support" will get your name added to our list on the podcast webpage and a whole bunch of gratitude.

The Lost Travelers Club's motto is, "Getting there together..."

Welcome to the family.

Henry-Cameron Allen

Founder, Executive Director

Host of The Lost /traveler Podcast

The Lost Traveler Podcast

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