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The Lost Traveler Podcast: SEASON 3 SPECIAL OPENER!


SEASON 3 SPECIAL OPENER with special guest Crystal Meisaan Chan! We delve into everything Life Skills from teacher exhaustion and support, to gun violence & masculinity, to race and racism, to fathers, to burnout, to Haiku poetry!

Join our 1,655+ listeners in 33 countries. The list of countries and current sponsors can be found at

The Lost Traveler Podcast is now on all podcasting platforms, and I feel so honored to have been invited to be featured as a Top Mentor on the outstanding and innovative Wisdom App! Apple just named Wisdom "App of the Day," stating that "Logging into Wisdom is like showing up at a party powered by conversations between thought leaders and big thinkers. This audio community is dedicated to sharing advice, tips, and knowledge on all aspects of life. Find a new favorite creator, a friend, or even a mentor." Wisdom is available to download now on iPhone and Android.

Please share, subscribe, support and sponsor this podcast. 100% of sponsorship proceeds benefit our foundation www.LostTravelers.Club, a program of United Charitable, a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

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