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This Sacred Time

Samhain, Hallowe'en,

All Saints, Todos Los Santos,

All Souls,

Dia de los Muertos,

Celtic New Year,

Indigenous/Anishinaabe/Native American Heritage Month...

Blessings to you and all our ancestors during this sacred time.

On Saturday, the 23rd of October, my father released his spirit and passed into the realm of the ancestors, reunited with his beloved parents and his precious grandson Cameron David Allen of blessed memory.

What follows is the poem I asked to be read at my father's service. I was honored that my younger brother read it so movingly in my stead.

How Glorious The Day by Apache United States Navy Chief, Veteran Jose Garcia Acosta with his generous permission.

May it bring comfort to all who grieve.

How glorious the day I shall ascend Above the clouds

Where eagles fly.

How glorious the day When I enter that place Where my ancestors wait for me.

I shall see my mother once more No pain, no age, Just beauty and compassion.

I shall see my father And greet him Above the skies Where eagles fly.

And in the meadows I shall see The animals The horses, the dogs That I once loved, No pain Just free And running.

How glorious that day shall be.


Click the image below to enjoy a rebroadcast of the very first Lost Traveler Podcast with my father as guest. All proceeds from sponsorship and individual contributions benefit The Lost Travelers Club.

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